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For years I told my husband that we couldn’t get a dog because it was just “too tricky.” I worried about the responsibility, the commitment and how we would fit this dog into the fabric of our lives. I laugh when I think about this now, dog-sleeping-in-lap, because from the moment Einstein came into our lives, all we’ve wanted to do is shape our lives around him because he made us a real family.

Wet first met Einstein, who was formerly known as “Cracker,” at GAIN in January of 2017. We bypassed the puppy row and headed straight for the older dogs. As we walked along each kennel, the dogs curiously approached us, barking hello as we wandered by. We didn’t even notice Einstein because he seemed to be ignoring us. Upon further review, we thought he was sort of funny looking, in an adorable kind of way, and wanted to spend a few minutes with him in the fenced-in play area. Again, he ignored us, walking from spot to spot, marking his territory. Something about him, though, drew us in and that night after a long conversation, we decided we would return the next day and bring him home… and that is what we did and will never look back!

Honestly, I could not imagine my life without our little buddy. He is a great listener with his enormous boonie ears, helpful with the chores by “vacuuming” the floors after dinner, and is always at the ready for a belly rub. He shares my love of carrots, cheese, pumpkin and chicken and enjoys a sunny afternoon at the beach parked below my feet (and using me for my shade, of course).

We are so lucky and so thankful to GAIN for bringing him in to our lives.

     - Nancy & Kyle





I always thought when I was finally able to have a dog of my own, I would choose a breed and puppy very carefully to ensure that it would have qualities and traits that I thought would fit my lifestyle. Although I always liked the idea of adopting a rescue puppy, I thought it was important to know as much as I could about my future puppy and where it came from.

When I took my now-husband, Josh, to GAIN, I assured him it was “just to look.” I saw Yigo, formerly Antonio, the minute I pulled into the parking spot at GAIN and recognized him from the website. I pointed him out to Josh but we were really interested in the younger puppies. However, I knew I had to meet him. After seeing a few hyper puppies, who were much more interested in playing with each other than us, I finally asked the staff to see Yigo. The minute I picked him up, he melted against my arms and rested his little head on my shoulder. Although he seemed a little nervous and scared, there was an immediate connection. In that moment, Josh turned the lady behind the counter in the office and asked for an adoption application. Any concerns of where he came from or what kind of dog he was completely disappeared. We didn’t care about hand picking a puppy because he picked us and that was all that mattered.

We brought Yigo home, and he became more than just a pet, he is our first baby. We taught him how to swim, he goes on runs with us, he paddle boards with us, and he even insists on sitting on one of our laps during every car ride. His excitement to see us come through after work has become the moment we look forward to everyday. Yigo is such a big part of our everyday lives that when realized we wouldn’t be able to have him physically present at our wedding, we made sure to find a way to include him. He picked us that day at GAIN and changed our lives forever in the best way. THANK YOU GAIN!

     - Lindsey & Josh





When my husband and I first visited Gain, we were only going "to look". That afternoon, as we walked through the dog runs, we both knew that we would be taking a dog home with us in the very near future. We met several friendly and outgoing pups that day, but both agreed that we had not yet met our future dog.
Our next trip to Gain was only three days later. We were excited to see two new litters of puppies had arrived since we had last been there. Yet, the dog that caught our attention was a little golden brown dog, with the longest tail you have ever seen, and sweet, loving eyes.

Her Gain name was Annie and she had arrived with a sister who had recently been adopted. While the other dogs in her run ran, jumped and barked, she just wagged her tail and looked at us with those kind eyes. We took her out to play and she melted into our laps. Within the hour, the paperwork had been signed, she had been bathed and we were on our way home!

Nori, as she became to us, spent the first few days getting used to a home. She was terrified of the television, and didn't like to eat from a bowl. But as the days went on, we all became more attached to each other. Now, a night doesn't go by when she isn't curled up between us in bed. She loves playing on the beach and digging holes larger than she is. While she loves her squeaky toys, often to the point of destruction, her long tail is still her favorite thing to chase.

We knew that we needed to find the right dog for us, even if that meant waiting a little longer. Nori is the perfect dog for our family. She loves to hike and tear around outside, but also is content to lie on the tile floor in a patch of sun. She shows her love by licking anyone who comes close, and we don't need to worry about her around children or other dogs. We will forever be appreciative to Gain for bringing this loveable girl into our family!

     - Lily & Brandon